Sara Huxley graduated from the BA Hons Acting Degree at Rose Bruford. Since graduated she has performed at various theatres across the UK including the Hampstead, Hull Truck and The Shed at The National.
Her screen credits include ‘Brunette Baby’ directed by Abner Pastoll (Road Games), ‘Annie Waits’ directed by Marnie Paxton and most recently she appeared in BBC’s Silent Witness ‘Duty of Candour, Part 2’ directed by Destiny Ekaragha.
She has just filmed short film ‘Ouzo & Blackcurrant’ written and directed by BAFTA nominated writer / director Nat Luurtsema. She stars alongside Cherelle Skeete (Hanna, Silent Witness) in this two-hander horror about old friend re-uniting in their home village in Shropshire. The film was backed by the Genera Film Fund and is due to hit the festival circuit later this year.


“Huxley, really exudes a presence of both sensuality and sensitivity as a headstrong girl who has naively fallen in love with the wrong guy: all portrayed with a really endearing air of sweet vulnerability.” – Grumpy Gay Critic
“Huxley gives a splendid performance as the heavily pregnant but very randy woman trying to entice her reluctant husband (Tom Stacy – good) into sex from Penelope Skinner’s The Village Bike. Although this scene is something of a showcase favourite these actors find some real freshness in it. She is riveting too in that profoundly disturbing scene from Pornography by Simon Stephens in which her character wants to continue from the past a sexual relationship with her own brother.” – The Stage, Susan Elkin *Chosen as ‘Experts Choice’
“Sara Huxley is very funny as Frank’s spray-tan and Wonderbra girlfriend Chelsea, but she can also do hurt and fear too – Huxley has plenty of star quality, so much so that some blokes will be wondering quite what possesses Frank to seek out Phoebe when he has Chelsea at home in a onesie.” – Broadway World, Gary Naylor
“One day, he meets Chelsea (Sara Huxley), who is sexy, sultry, confident, completely out of his league and everything that Frank should want in a girlfriend…Huxley and Craze in particular show a vulnerability to their characters which we didn’t perhaps initially realise was there below the surface.” – Views From the Gods on play ‘The Words I Should Have Said To Phoebe Lewis’
“…the two actors positively glide past each other seamlessly, stepping in and out of different roles and moods and maintaining an impressively fast pace and energy.” – Views From The Gods on play ‘The Beginning of the End
“Sara Huxley shows great strength and bravery in her performance as Chelsea (the one who’s not ‘the one’)” –  Everything Theatre